Custom Poetry


Engage in this unique creative process by getting a custom poem written by Rhonda Sekhmet Ra.

After receiving your request, the artist will create a poem based on your suggestions. Each poem is uniquely created using the creativity and inspiration of the artist. 

Poems are delivered electronically in .pdf format.

Special audio or video recordings of poems can be requested as well


See disclaimers below



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Please Note: Designs do not come with the poem unless requested



Please See Disclaimers Below

PLEASE READ By submitting your information, you understand the following:

1). All poetry written by the artist is the intellectual property of Rhonda Sekhmet Ra. You agree not to present this poem as your own writing at any time and that Rhonda Sekhmet Ra still maintains copyright of the poem written under this agreement

2.) The artist (Rhonda Sekhmet Ra) maintains the right to decline poetry requests based on her own discretion. This will be discussed prior to payment.

3.) Payment is required for completion and receipt of poem. Refunds and re-writes are not guaranteed but will be considered under extreme conditions

Please allow 2-5 business days for a response. Poems make take up to 2 weeks to be written once request is received

Payment is taken via Paypal Invoice.

Please email if you have any questions