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I see the face of my Ancestors

in the face of my Children

We were Hoping

For the Return of our Kingdoms

Now I see Them

I see us adorned in Gold


Of why we Love it so much

I feel the rush of Victory

I can taste our Freedom

It was here all along

But covered behind shame, pain, oppression and trauma

We slowly return to our Mother Tongue

We play our Drums

We left Africa

But Africa never left us

Our Mother never neglected Us

We turned our back on her

To please the world

Forgetting that she was our World

A World within Worlds

I am Home

No matter where I stand

This is our Land

I return whenever I close my eyes

Within this Truth- is a cure to all lies

I see myself in every

African Man and Woman

I am home when I sing, when I write, when I dance

Going back to a dark illuminated consciousness

I am whole again

They said we were too broken to be whole again

But when we come together we are whole again

So I do believe we will be free in the end

as we were when we began

Let The Circle Be Unbroken

by Rhonda Sekhmet Ra

I look into the eyes of an old Kemetic statue

I see my Ancestor’s smile

It’s been a while

Since I’ve felt that happy, that calm, that at peace

It’s been so long since we’ve been free

Where justice was the norm

Rather than something we’d beg for

Where we knew our power in so many ways

I long for those days

To smile like my Ancestors smiled

To know and not fear my destiny

To feel God inside of me

To manifest my potential

To honor my temples

To be with my people day in and day out

To really know what life’s about

To see myself as divine

And know there’s no such thing as time

Maybe I’m closer than I think

The old ideas sink

A new age is here

I’m letting go of my fear

Maybe one day I will feel what my Ancestors felt

Maybe my grandchildren

Won’t have the same experiences as me

They’ll live free and see

Something I have never known

They’ll ask me to tell them stories of the old days

And be so amazed

I’ll show them pictures of this time

And they’ll look into their Ancestor’s eyes

And desire to be in no other time but their own

by Rhonda Sekhmet Ra

(Inspired by the Race 1st Rally)

I almost thought I was home again

Back in my homeland

I see Africans bartering

I feel love and unity

I hear empowering speeches

Nature seems to love us

It holds the rain

In this moment I feel no pain

I hear the drums

Good music

Uplifting words from the griot

I feel whole again

Libations were poured

No bickering or quarrels

Everyone felt like they belonged

No one unaccounted for

Children ran free

Protected by everyone in this communal family

We dance and we laugh

Life doesn’t seem so bad

It reminds me of a village

I have never seen

But a village that exists inside of me

Hopefully one day we will see this as a consistent reality

In the meantime, I’m thankful for the vision

And feeling of the village

Written by Rhonda Sekhmet Ra

Copyright 2021

No one told me the battlefield would be like this
We did not even see the enemy coming
He came under masked disguises
He attacked us from the inside out
Like a trojan horse
Infecting our bodies, minds and soul
The story is so old
But we are still living it
Like a nightmare on repeat
But I refuse to accept defeat
I’ve fought myself
In internal battles
Got lost on this mental battlefield
I forgot who my enemy was
So I turned my sword on myself
And my army followed suit
Now I’m being attacked by my own people, even my own family, even my own blood
More divided than crips and bloods
We don’t see our true enemy is the same
So we point the blame
Attack one another
Those closest to us
Even our lovers
And while we self destruct
Our enemy sits back
And takes a break
He lies in wait
Praying for our end
Because he knows if we ever came together
That would be his end
So I whisper in my army’s ear
Praying they hear
My plea
To see the real enemy
To remove enemies from the inside out
And know what this is really about
Remove all fear and doubt
So we can be free at last
And not repeat the past
Please see the enemy within and without

By Rhonda Sekhmet Ra
Copyright 2021

I want liberation in every part of my mind body and soul

My Ancestors tell me stories untold

I repeat them in my poetry

It’s my only way out of this internal insanity

I take everything I know

And put it into my poems

Just to get it out of the depths of my mind body and soul

I want to be free

From every chain that has ever held me down

I want to break every shackle that has ever existed on my being

Just because we can’t see the chains doesn’t mean that they aren’t there

Just because we don’t talk about it

Doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist

I dismiss

Any idea that says I should just be patient and wait for my Liberation

That tells me I should wait for my captors to set me free

To me- that is the greatest insanity

I long for Freedom

Like I long for air to breathe

Above all,

I got to be

I got to be Free

-Rhonda Sekhmet Ra

Copyright 2021

Revolution ain’t a game

Please don’t do this for fame

If you play with fire you will surely get burned

And it would be a hard lesson learned

If you ain’t ready for destruction, death and dying

For bloodshed, betrayal and backstabbing

If you ain’t ready to see your worst nightmares become your reality

Please don’t call yourself a Revolutionary

If you ain’t prepared to feel what it feels like to have a whole army turn on you

and to question everything you thought to be true

If you are not prepared to see soldiers lose their mind

And to question your own sanity all the time

Please do not enlist in the war of Black Liberation

It would be a bad decision

If you are not ready to see your family members slain and your comrades in jail

If you are not able to endure hell

And have hand to hand combat with the devil

Please don’t sign up for this trouble

This war is for the strongest, bravest, most resilient

For those who made fire their friend

For those who laugh at the devil

and can endure to the end

For those who can outsmart the enemy

and fight with more than a gun

Revolution ain’t fun

Revolution ain’t a game

And if you treat it alike

To lose, would mean to lose your life

-Rhonda Sekhmet Ra

Copyright 2021

If you want to escape mental slavery

You’ll have to go underground

Deep into your subconscious

You’ll have to find safe houses in soulful songs and ancient memories

You’ll have to escape the slave catchers of your mind disguised as fear and anxiety

And beware the bloodhounds of old beliefs

You’ll have to come face to face with your internal oppressor

And tell him he can’t occupy this space anymore

You’ll have to run away from thoughts and beliefs you thought were yours

Only to find out they were his

You’ll have to kill every part of you that wants to turn back to slavery

You’ll have to be someone you’ve never been before-

A new identity

That starts deep deep deep within

You’ll have to go underground

To Ancestral memories and Ancient wisdom

Embedded in your DNA

Unlocked by light codes

If you want to be free

You’ll have to go underground

Reprogram your thoughts in your sleep

Because when you’re awake

You’ll battle your internal and external enemy constantly

If you want to be free from mental slavery you’ll have to go so deep within yourself that you end up in the cosmos

As Above so Below

If you want to be free from mental slavery

You’ll have to have a mind like Harriet

And go back and back again until every part of you is free

And most of all- if you want to escape mental slavery

You’ll have to make sure that you really truly want to be free

Because you’ll never escape mental slavery

If you’ve become too comfortable with captivity

You’ll have to question everything you ever called normal or comforting

You’ll have to come face to face with your own oppressive mentality

You’ll have to run until you realize you can’t run from yourself

You’ll have to boldly walk through hell

And keep going until you get through the gates of fear…

Right beyond that are the fields of Freedom

If you want to escape mental slavery

You’ll have to love your Freedom more than you love anything else in life

You’ll have to be comfortable with being called wrong or crazy

Knowing that’s not your reality

You’ll have to stay anchored to something beyond what you’ve known

You’ll have to find an internal safe home

And I can’t promise it’ll be easy

Especially when you are fighting a battle that others can’t see

But if we go together, maybe it’ll make it a little more easy

Honey, my healing is my underground work …as I decolonize my mind

Exorcise my oppressor all the time

Laugh at my fears

Shed all kinds of tears

The underground ain’t no easy road

But in Ancestral presence and connection to Nature

I’ve found home

Cause the hardest part in going Underground

Is going alone

Written by Rhonda Sekhmet Ra

Copyright 2021

She don’t love you
She love Revolution
If she could, she’d make love to her books
And tongue kiss her favorite lectures
She’d marry Revolution
And Black Consciousness would be the child they birthed
She’d start a life with Black Intellect
And hug Black Unity tight at night
Black Liberation would be her mother
Pan Africanism her father
African Spirituality her best friend
And Black Power her closest Kin
Red Black and Green would run through her veins
Pulsating her very being
She’d live in a house with Black Sovereignty
Built by Nation Building
The only substance that gives her the feeling of being home
She’s fine with being alone
Because the Ancestors commune with her at night
And Nature speaks to her in the morning
Her dreams give her visions of Freedom
Her notebooks full of plots
Her mind full of thoughts
On how to outsmart the enemy
She is Black Divinity
She is in a commitment to the Struggle
So if you not talking solutions and revolution
she don’t wanna hear ya
Won’t even get near ya
She needs a man who embodies Revolution
Who is Black Power
Who listens to the Ancestors and learns from Master Teachers
Whose mind is on Liberation
Who will help her tear down oppression
And build a nation
Assata said “a revolutionary woman can’t have no reactionary man”
So if you step to her you better know first if you can-
Are you qualified by the community and the Elders?
Do the Youth respect you?
Is your heart true?
Are you dedicated to freeing your people?
Or are you just here to be the white man’s equal?
Because if you are not the embodiment of Revolution
She won’t love you
And she never will
Even if you get her smile
You’ll find in time
This to be true
She’s in love with Revolution
Not with you

By Rhonda Sekhmet Ra

Copyright 2021

Children Of The Sun
It’s Time To Rise Again
They Tried To Dim Your Light
But We Are Back Again
Out Of The Blackness We Are Born
Out Of The Darkness We Come Into Form
Here In The Dark Depths A Star Is Born
Spirt Of Ra In Human Form
No One Can Stop The Sun For Life
But Believe Me They’ve Tried
The Clouds May Have Covered Us
But Again, We Will Rise
Our Tears Came Down Like Rain
But The Ancestors Have Heard Our Cries
Now We Must Listen To Them
Those Who Have Walked This Path Before
And Who Knew The Way Out For Sure
Who Sacrificed Their Life For Freedom
Can’t You See
That WE
Are All We Have Ever Needed
Children Of The Sun
Don’t Forget From Where You Came
You May Not Be Able To Call All Your Ancestors By Name
But You Can Call The Name Of The Sky, The Sun And The Moon
And Just Like All Of The Universe They Are A Part Of You
Your Skin Glistens In The Sunshine
That’s A Form Of Love I Cannot Describe
They Tried To Block Out The Sun
But They Can’t Do It Forever
Imagine What Would Happen If We Got Together
And Said We Won’t Take No More?
If We Actually Knew What We Were Fighting For?
If We All Agreed To Finally Be Free
And Live In Our True Divinity?
What If The Children Of The Sun
Aimed To Burn Out All The Evils Of This World?
And Make A Beautiful Earth For Our Baby Boys And Girls
Our Mother Africa Has Been Calling To Us
But Can We Hear Her Screams?
The Earth Heats Up And Speaks
We Can No Longer Wait
We Cannot Allow Ice People With Cold Hearts To Seal Our Fate
We’ve Endured Enough Pain
It’s Time To Feel Something Else
Why Are You Afraid
When All The Cosmos Lie Within You?
Why Do You Hate Yourself
When All The World Envies You?
Why Do You Feel Like You Are Lacking
When You’ve Been Given All You Need
To Be Abundant And Free?
Why Do You Call Yourself Poor
When Your Mother Has The Richest Resources In All World?
Why Do You Keep Letting Thieves
Walk Right Through Your Door?
We’ve Forgotten Our Worth
Allowed Abuse For Far Too Long
Endured The Pain With Soulful Songs
But Now It’s Time For A Change
Neglecting Ourselves Is The Greatest Sin
Children Of The Sun-
It’s Time To Rise Again

by Rhonda Sekhmet Ra
Copyright (c) 2021

They want my soul
But it AINT for sale
They give us hell
Until we turn until demons
And then they call us devils
When they are the ones who made the hell
Fire and brimstone look like oppression and disease
We can’t even do as we please
We not free enough to even know we aint free
Could it be
That we’ll be in this hell for eternity
I just don’t think so
All I know is
My Ancestors busted through the gates of hell to show me the way out
So I don’t understand those talking about
We’ll be here forever
I aint been to heaven but I’ve seen the front door
I aint never been free but I know I can’t live like this no more
And the will to be free
Is one step closer to Freedom
So I’ll keep speaking
As long as my soul got something to say
And I’ll keep healing
Til I’m feeling something different
I’ll keep facing my fears
Until they disappear
I’ll keep taking the risk
To see if there’s something different
On the other side
I can’t hide no more
I’ve been told secrets of life
And I won’t keep them to myself anymore
Some days I get discouraged and say “what for?”
But I remember it’s not just for me
It’s for my descendants and all that I love
For the children and for all that comes from above
As above so below
So here I go
To the next phase of my destiny
They want my soul
But it’s not for sale

Written by Rhonda Sekhmet Ra
Copyright 2021

I can’t breathe
Suffocating in a society
That wants me dead
They poison the air
Strangle me with trauma
I don’t know how I’ve survived
But thanks to the strength of my Ancestors
I’m still alive
They tried to mentally confine me
Bind me with lies
But I opened my eyes
And now I see…
But I still can’t breathe
Where do I find relief?
I look to the Ancestors that gave me Life
I look to the Elders that teach me how to breathe in a suffocating society
I look to Nature that gives me oxygen from the trees
I look to my Motherland
That is my heartbeat
Setting my lungs on fire
I look to scholars and books
That remind me
Of who I am and where we are supposed to be
I look beyond this society
Into a world I can’t see
I look back into antiquity
And into a future that I foresee
I look to the children running free
And to the Divinity that lives inside of me

Written by Rhonda Sekhmet Ra

Copyright 2021

They don’t always kill our Black kings with guns

Sometimes they do it with stress

Traumatize him to death

Mess with his health

We can’t all see the light

But yours was bright

The screen could not capture all your glow

You knew things they didn’t know

But you showed us in a different way

I don’t think you were just a character playing a superhero

I think a superhero was your character

Saving your people from hopelessness and despair

I could tell by your laughter

And your smile

That your heart was pure

They took away our Kingdoms

So you were our real King

Of a Kingdom that now only exists in our minds, movies and songs

So many of our Black greats are now dead and gone

But you brought them to life on the big screen

Ancestral work

Divine being

We felt powerless for so long

So you gave us an image

Of Black Power

Black Panther

They say it was cancer

That took you away

Not only cancer in your body

But a whole society infected with the cancer of white domination

Now who’s gonna save us

When they told me my King was dead

I cried black tears that could have filled rivers

You are not just a figure

You were a consistent image of hope

That we cannot afford to lose

They say keep hope alive

Because hope is the only thing that will keep you alive

When white terrorism invades every part of your world, your mind, your soul, your body

And you can’t see a way out

We can’t let them just take us out

So we have to make our own way out

You showed us the Promised Land

Wakanda Forever

Now we must make it a reality

I believe

You, Me, Us and All the Ancestors

We are still all together

Fighting this battle on all planes

All realms

All levels

Spiritual, Mental and Physical

Thanks for being our Warrior King

Fighting battles unseen

You showed us that Black Power isn’t always loud

But that it can be a quiet sincerity

Which you showed so genuinely

you showed us that Black manhood and Black strength

Can still be displayed even with tears in your eyes

And love and compassion can be a source of pride

You showed us the importance of living in our purpose

And you served your purpose fully

But it still seems too soon

To be without our King

But I know when one of our greatest leaves

They always leave with a message

And a blessing

You may have left just to show us one thing

That it’s time for us all to Love and Be Kings

Written by Rhonda Sekhmet Ra

Copyright 2020

Its been a thousand years
Since I’ve been able to breathe
I can finally see
The sun on the horizon
I’ve been dying
But now life returns to me
Freedom came my way
When I finally decided to say
“Enough is enough”
The struggle was so rough
But it made my victory
So much more meaningful
The dawn after the darkest night
A peaceful rest
After the longest day
I pray it always feels this good
How it should be
I should feel free
Wake up daily with no expectations or obligations
But to be me
In my divinity
Oh God how far we’ve come
But you showed me
Redemption is possible for everyone
And redemption is possible everyday
Every day is a chance to start new and do things in a new way
Life is so uncertain
But the sun always manages to rise and to set
Nature’s daily promise to us
I’ve learned not to rush
To appreciate even the smallest things
Because they all have meaning
So I must thank God every time I open eyes
And thank the Divine for every

Written by Rhonda Sekhmet Ra

Copyright 2020

Division is the enemy

Division is the enemy

can’t you see, Brother

Division is the enemy

but you have made her your lover

slept in bed with her

while you put your sister down

tearing away the very pieces of her crown

being blind, forgetting the vision

so you can sleep around with Division

quarrels and bickering

aren’t you ashamed?

man, division knows how to make you play her game

whispering sweet nothings

so you think that you have a chance this way

but this a gamble you will lose before you play

division is more than math

she’s a problem that will never be solved

empty love that will never multiply or resolve

Division is the most powerful tool in disarming our power

She tears apart unity and seeks to devour

and even from the hearts of men that pledge to solidarity

she comes so easily to tear ye

are you fools?

how can you fall for her tactics every single time?

must be because she exists inside your mind

dividing the unity of your thoughts

your ability to see the oneness

we know who’s done this-

your enemy

infected you with division a long time ago

and fuels it still using your ego

and if you don’t learn to depart from this sinister lover

I fear what’s next for us brother

anything that can make you hate yourself

can easily make you hate someone else

even those you swore to protect

make your priorities something you’d neglect

on the battlefield she’ll convince you to turn your sword on your own army

distract you from fighting the real enemy

she is cunning

makes you feel that she is all you need

but she is just the greatest tool of the enemy

we must-

choose Love over Lust

so the next time she asks for you

this is what I want you to do-

I want you to take the sword from your brother’s neck

and stab it into the heart of your enemy

move the sword

until his body divides

leave division alone as she cries

while you stand united

with the people you’ve fought and bled for

need I say more

Please, tell me you finally see

We must know her

Division is the Enemy

From “The Awakening” Chapbook

Written by Rhonda Sekhmet Ra

Copyright 2019

Do you have a castle to go with that body?
Better yet a pyramid?
Your chest looks like it was chiseled in gold then dipped in black
I’d like to touch it to see if that’s a fact
Your face has the features of the first man on this earth
Your hands look like they could both build statues and heal hurt
Your arms strong enough to kill and to hold
You are made out of God’s most perfect mold
I’m sorry. I keep calling you King-
Should I call you Pharaoh?
You have the body and soul of a god, I know
If we were to touch
I’m sure we’d plateau to the cosmos finally
If we were to marry, I’m sure we’d rule our kingdoms divinely
Don’t go to foreign lands looking for a Queen I am here inside our kingdom waiting patiently for you.
Though your enemies attack you, I would never fight you
Though they laugh and scorn you
I would never smite you
All I have is respect and love for you
With our love, do you know what we could do?
We could conquer our enemies and rebuild our dynasty
And free our captured Kings and Queens finally
We could make sure all the people are fed and finally sleep on a worriless bed
Exchanging love that feels like it has been captured for centuries
And create a new king inside of me
To rule the land and keep the people free
The future starts with you and me
If you could just look me in my eyes and see me as Queen
Maybe it would remind you that you are King

From “The Awakening” Chapbook

Written by Rhonda Sekhmet Ra

Copyright 2019


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