Writing Workshops

Express your soul through the art of poetry.

A liberating workshop led by poet & spoken word artist- Rhonda Sekhmet Ra

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What Participants Will Receive From This Workshop:
  • Guidance on writing poetry for expression as well as a tool of personal & collective liberation
  • Helpful tips on overcoming writer’s block and barriers to writing poetry
  • Rhonda’s personal writing secrets and experience with writing poetry
  • Virtual writing session where participants will write poetry together (no prior experience is required)
  • Digital Workbook with writing tips and poetry prompts to help participants write poetry during and after the workshop
  • A Virtual Open Mic in which participants will hear and/or share poetry (sharing is not required)
  • QnA Session where participants can ask the facilitator questions about writing and/or performing poetry
  • No previous writing experience is required
  • Access to a computer or mobile device that can access Zoom will be needed to attend the workshop
  • 18 & Up Only Please
  • Please bring pen and paper (or your favorite writing tool)

Please Note: Due to the facilitator’s strong passion for the liberation of African/Black people, topics such as racism/oppression and cultural healing will be incorporated into the discussion.

About the Facilitator

Rhonda Sekhmet Ra is a poet and spoken word artist with a background in healing and mental health. She has been writing poetry since her childhood and has been performing Spoken Word over the past 7 years. Rhonda is the author of “The Awakening” chapbook as well as hundreds of unpublished poems. Rhonda has led over a dozen poetry workshops in addition to facilitating hundreds of groups around racism and healing. Rhonda uses poetry and spoken word to convey messages of healing, inspiration, freedom and power for people of African Descent.