Do you have a castle to go with that body?
Better yet a pyramid?
Your chest looks like it was chiseled in gold then dipped in black
I’d like to touch it to see if that’s a fact
Your face has the features of the first man on this earth
Your hands look like they could both build statues and heal hurt
Your arms strong enough to kill and to hold
You are made out of God’s most perfect mold
I’m sorry. I keep calling you King-
Should I call you Pharaoh?
You have the body and soul of a god, I know
If we were to touch
I’m sure we’d plateau to the cosmos finally
If we were to marry, I’m sure we’d rule our kingdoms divinely
Don’t go to foreign lands looking for a Queen I am here inside our kingdom waiting patiently for you.
Though your enemies attack you, I would never fight you
Though they laugh and scorn you
I would never smite you
All I have is respect and love for you
With our love, do you know what we could do?
We could conquer our enemies and rebuild our dynasty
And free our captured Kings and Queens finally
We could make sure all the people are fed and finally sleep on a worriless bed
Exchanging love that feels like it has been captured for centuries
And create a new king inside of me
To rule the land and keep the people free
The future starts with you and me
If you could just look me in my eyes and see me as Queen
Maybe it would remind you that you are King

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